Welcome to Party In The Pasture

Date : 2nd - 3rd July


Time : 2pm onwards

Party in the Pasture is the two day event of 2005 taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of July. Entertainment will be provided including live music that will take place on July 2nd from 2pm till 6pm. Parking and camping is available.

"Be there or be a Rhombus......."

Official Party in the Pasture checklist of important things to bring:-

1. A friend (very important)

2. As many bottles of beverage that you can muster, the more the merrier(it's just important)

3. A tent (if you're intending on staying the night and don't think you can handle the relentless attacks from badgers. Quite important)

4. Some form of protection from the badgers (Believe me this time of year they are particularly feisty. Extremely important)

5. A pasture friendly state of mind (Well don't come if you don't.)



Being the nice friendly person that I am I have a nicely prepared- a few maps for you to print out and FOLLOW! If you really do get lost and need a verbal aid to your problem then I guess you can phone me (See contact details below).

Directions from Canterbury

Directions from Ashford

Contact Details

Jack's Mobile : 07932 040737
Jack's Humble Abode : 01233 812678

E-Mail Jack by clicking here

Hampton Lane
TN25 5PW


Please feel free to send feedback through the link in the gallery.

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Jack takes no responsibility for any damage caused to persons or property during the course of the "Party in the Pasture" from the dates of the 2nd July 2005 till 3rd July 2005 due to relentless attacks from the local badgers. We understand that you may need medical attention after these attacks. Unfortunately we are unable to provide medical facilities but we have taken action and you can now visit this free informational website for any medical injury you may sustain during the period of "Party in the Pasture". BADGER ATTACK RECOVERY FACILITY (www.badgerbadgerbadger.com)We reserve the right to laugh when these attacks occur and publicise your picture in the local brewery for our own financial gain. You have the right to remain silent but anything you do say will be ridiculed.