Below is a selection of the best two or three pictures taken each day so far. Just click on the thumbnails to see the larger image.

1 July
Our cottage for a week

View from cottage with rainbow. :)
2 July
Joel, Avasta and Rainbow

Lake at night
3 July
Ray of light

4 July
Justyn and Missy

Loone watching at 6am
5 July
Joel and his necessities

Shooting bow from Cabin
6 July
Shooting in the forest

LOOK! Moose spotted!
7 July
Mr Red Williams himself

Jim's Dog
8 July
Gold Panning

Gold Pan...Water Fight!
9 July
Cottage at end of week

Down Hill bikeing
10 July
Big waterfall

Group shot
11 July

Justyn and Aslan

Puddles of fun
12 July
I am a chipmonk

The trust game
13 July
Rainbow waterfall

Boulder balancing
14 July
Slightly worrying sign

Spooners on mountain
15 July
Lightening strikes

An Elk
16 July
Chuck wagon races

Northern Lights
17 July

Nelly Fatardo
18 July
On the border

The new place
19 July
Fairmont Hot Springs

Katy and Leiju
20 July
Cat follows Atousa

Scary Spider
21 July
Fly fishing heaven

More fly fishing
22 July
We looked the part

Golf at high altitude
23 July
Katy Wake Boarding

Bryan Wake Boarding
24 July
Nicola's Birthday Cake

View from above
25 July Sorry no pictures today "I'm on holiday!"
26 July
Group Shot

Goodbye waves
27 July
Bench view and Katy

Caterpillar being a twig
28 July
Logs on water

18 wheelers
29 July
Time to un-pack the RV

Our 5 mins of fame!
30 July
At the airport

umm....plane food!

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